Terms & Conditions

How do I order?

All orders must be placed prior to 12pm on Friday, any orders after that may not be sent until the Tuesday after next. The orders have to placed through your personal login on shopify, not by email. 

How do I pay?

Payment terms are 30 days net either via Paypal or bank transfer. Our account details are Hot Numbers Coffee LTD 77-05-02 22945360. You will be sent an order confirmation followed by an invoice.

Minimum order quantity?

To qualify for delivery you must order a minimum of 6kg.

Delivery charge?

Free delivery on orders over £200. 

Do you offer support?

To ensure you get the best from your coffee, we offer barista training for all wholesale customers. This will take place at our new roastery in Melbourn.

We also advise on

  • Staff Training
  • Coffee Communication
  • Equipment Supply & Technical support
  • Design & workflow 

Can I use your logo?

We are proud to associate ourselves with like-minded quality focused businesses and are happy to provide the Hot Numbers logo artwork to help certify the quality of coffee. We in turn hope you honour the commitment to both yourselves, your customers and our brand by continued commitment to specialty coffee.